Outcome Of The US Presidential Election.

Many have tried to rationalize outcome of the US Presidential election – an outcome that has taken many by surprise.

The final results boils down to something basic – Trust.

When trust is gone, all is lost.

The trust that the people placed on their leaders have been eroded over the years.

Many voted for Trump not because they thought he was a good candidate but because they have lost faith in the leaders on both sides of the political fence.

Many political leaders have not connected to the ground. They did not fully understand needs, feelings, fears, and aspirations of the people.

They listened to spin doctors and advisors who were divorced from realities.

Most of the pollsters have either designed their surveys in a vacuum chamber or they have not been able to sieve out bias and errors from their findings to read the ground correctly.

An important takeaway for leaders was that if they were not perceived to have a heart to love and serve the people, the people would even cast their lots with an outsider – and they did.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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