Let’s Defend All Women.

Women are oftentimes born to play on an un-level playing field. There are still many stereotypes about women’s place in society.

They face many disadvantages throughout their life.

In addition, they have to make more sacrifices to prove their worth.

And work harder to find their places under the family and organizational sun.

Truth be told, despite advancement in science and technology, discrimination against women continue to exist.

Violence and abuse against women are a part of life in many parts of the world.

Many of such actions, including rape, sexual harassment, and physical violence are outside of conventional radar screen and are not reported in the mass media.

These acts against humanity remain one of the major social ills.

Violation of women and oppression against them cannot be a part of society.

It should not exist in any family, company, community, and country.

Every violence against woman erodes the fabric of society and causes the world to be a darker place for living.

Undermines humanity and corrodes the soul of life.

We must put an end to abuse against any woman.

We must not tolerate any tolerance for such abuse in any way, form or manner.

We must rise up and speak with one voice for our woman folks.

We must have a proper, prompt, and appropriate response against such crimes.

We do it for the sake of mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbours, and friends.

We do it for the collective future of humanity.




I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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