My Praise To The Man

My Praise To The Man

He ended a dark era

Of punitive oppression

From Reds’ destruction

He salvaged this nation.

Harnessing his strong will

Foresight and wisdom

He gathered valiant men and women

To build a new home.

Their resources were scarce.

Their lives, unspeakably hard.

Unflinching, daring, selfless, caring

He led them to press on and claim

Lasting peace for our motherland.

The red dot on the map

Is tiny but mighty!

The world witnessed its transformation

From third world

To first world nation.

He subdued the abuse of power

He made perils and upheavals a thing of the past

In its place — stability

Robust growth for economy and society.

Basking in the golden sun

A wise man, slow and feeble

Bequeaths a life-long legacy

For you and me.

Because he made a choice

To stand for liberty

Today we walk the streets—Free!

Free from danger and fear

Free to be the best we can be

Free to enjoy a good life

And to build a bright future

For our generations down the line.

Mr. Lee, to you I give

My profound gratitude and praise

You took it upon you

To make this country a better place.

Leaders of different nations

Come to seek your wisdom

Scholars come to learn

Politicians take a pensive look

Singapore is a world leader and exemplar

Because of you.

To a great man, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

I am perpetually indebted.

I shall carry forth this love for my country

Until my death bed.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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