The “Kiasu” Spirit: Taking A Contrarian Approach

The “Kiasu” Spirit: Taking A Contrarian Approach

Having a “kiasu” spirit may not be a negative trait.

“Kiasuism” can help one to be paranoid and being paranoid is not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

Wasn’t it Andrew Grove, one of the founders of Intel who once said, “Only the paranoid survives”?

When a person is kept on his toes, he knows that if he slackens and takes his eyes off the ball, he may end up losing everything.

Therefore, he tends to tread more carefully, and learn to balance and plod a more secure and sustainable path to success.

According to Professor Ciadini, people have a tendency to act in accordance to their beliefs.

Therefore, when a person subscribes to “kiasuism”, he may monitor performance of his competitors and benchmark himself against them so that he will not be overtaken.

And work harder to enhance his values and value-additions so as to win at the end of the road.

A healthy “kiasu” person can empathize with those who have fallen and help them on their feet.

Perhaps we should not denigrade the “kiasu” spirit unnecessarily but galvanise the spirit to serve a good cause and win for the right purpose.

Transform the spirit into a “Huat Ah!” and “Cheong” spirit, a spirit of helping one and all to prosper and succeed together.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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